Quantitative Software Engineering
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Our Company

What do we do?

Quantz solves problems in quantitative engineering – the place where maths meets computers. The solution to these problems usually involves mathematical algorithms, complex software implementations and technical infrastructure for heavy computation. A lot of the problems we solve are in the investment banking industry and consequently we’ve built a fair amount of domain knowledge there – in particular in derivatives pricing and risk evaluation.

How do we do it?

We use engineering techniques that are holistic (that is, looking at the whole problem and taking into account all factors) in order to create real-world solutions. Sometimes current development capabilities or infrastructure limitations are more important factors than the exact choice of mathematical algorithm or grid computing solution. We always strive to implement the best quality systems even in less than optimal environments.

Having worked in this industry for 30-odd years we have a lot of hard-won experience and consequently we love to be challenged with the difficult problems that other people find hard to solve.

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